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Chiropractic Care

This page explains what I do as chiropractor, much of what is unique to what others in the field typically do. The bulk of what I do, technique-wise, is the Thompson Technique or a variation of it. Thompson is the primary technique which makes use of a "drop table" which is named for its inventor, Dr. J. Clay Thompson. The spinal and extraspinal analysis and examination system I use, however, was invented by Dr. Clarence Gonstead. Using the drop table to adjust misaligned spinal vertebrae and other bones significantly lightens the hand force needed to make the needed corrections. The gravity of the table segments dropping does most the work. Over the years people have questioned if any correction was actually being made since they didn't usually experience any of the "racking and cracking" typically associated with a chiropractic adjustment. They were assured that the necessary changes were being made when they felt the difference once they got up from the table. The significant reduction of force needed makes the technique I use ideal for people who are apprehensive about chiropractic care and for people who are in a significant level of pain to begin with. Other techniques I use are Upper Cervical Specific and extremity adjusting as needed. If a patient prefers the higher-force "racking and cracking" maneuvers, I can certainly do those as well. What I DO NOT do is any kind of physiotherapy machinery as these things do not add anything significant to the actual chiropracTIC adjustment.

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