Who becomes a Docs On The Move Mobile DOT Medical Examiner?


1. Somebody who is committed to promoting the safety of US roadways as their 

    practice model


2. Somebody who is looking to supplement their income outside the office setting


3. A retiree who wants to do something different instead of just stopping


4. Somebody with the freedom to integrate various services as part of what they offer


5. Somebody looking to maintain their examination skills without the responsibility of

    patient treatment


6. Somebody who doesn’t want the overhead of maintaining a brick-and-mortar office



7. An adventurer who wants to get outside and experience something new


8. A person whose primary practice growth is stagnant due to personal or economic



9. A new graduate who has not yet decided on a practice area or location


10. Somebody who has newly relocated or is about to relocate and wants a source of

      rapid growth