AFTER seeing our website and learning who we are and what we do, here are things that potential doctor and call center contractors need to be aware of:


- Docs On The Move, LLC has only been around since November 2020. With each new area we serve, we are starting at a grassroots level. You will not be busy from day one because our promotional efforts only begin on day one. (However, most of southeastern Pennsylvania is considered turnkey since this area is already established and looking for an increased number of examiners to serve an ever-increasing need.)


- You are an Independent Contractor, your own boss. We are not your employer. We contract with you and have you sign a W9, not a W2.


- As your own boss, you will be providing your own transportation and purchasing your own equipment. The only thing Docs On The Move, LLC provides for you are the magnetic door signs you place on your vehicle.


- You will be paid $80 per DOT physical, $60 per state school bus driver exam, and $45 per Determination Pending Followup visit. “Travel fees” are taken into consideration when determining the pay rate you are given.


- Nurse Practitioners and Physician’s Assistants must provide their own collaborating doctors as necessary per your state’s requirements. If you are having difficulty finding one, Collaborating Docs may be able to help you. Be advised that most collaborating doctors charge a fee


- Call center personnel are considered on-call and will receive $5.00 per incoming call until they have received three or more incoming calls during a one-hour time period, in which case the pay rate becomes $15/hour for the remainder of their shift. While working on promotional or administrative duties, the pay rate is $15/hour.


- Even though call center personnel are Independent Contractors, they are asked to keep to an assigned schedule for the purpose of managing the automatic switchboard and also not disrupting the business matter of the owner’s private practice.


- To be contracted with Docs On The Move, LLC, you must be listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. The training and board exam you need to be registered cost approximately $300 and take approximately three weeks to complete. If you sign up as a contractor with Docs On The Move, LLC before or during your training, you will be reimbursed up to $300 for the cost of your training after one full year of working with us.