How To Schedule


1. Call us at (888) 577-0777.

2. Press 1 for the scheduling office.


3. Tell the scheduler what zip code you want

    service in & what type of service you need.

    (DOT physical, state school bus driver physical, or DOT follow-up visit)

4.  Scheduler will enter you into the system as

     a new customer.

5. Let scheduler know when you need service.

6. Scheduler will check doctor's availability and will schedule accordingly.

7. Once appointment is confirmed, payment is taken using SquareUp.

    Payment is accepted by credit/debit card, corporate/prepaid/rewards card,

    or HSA/FSA card.

8. Once receipt of payment is received via email or text message, your call is

    complete. You can then fax to the same phone number any important

    documents such as the CPAP compliance report, insulin-treated diabetes

    mellitus assessment form (usually sent directly to us from your Primary

    Care Provider's office), CMV driver medication form (also usually sent

    directly to us from your Primary Care Provider's office), or other pertinent

    documents or forms.

RETURN POLICY: In the event that you need to cancel on or more of the individual services you paid for, you will receive a full refund for the specific individual service(s) if cancellation has been made at least 24 hours before it was scheduled for. In the event the cancellation is made by the service provider and was not rescheduled by us, you will automatically receive a full refund. (This policy will appear on the receipt you receive from SquareUp.)