About Us

Docs On The Move LLC was created in response to the overwhelming need for DOT Medical Examiners to take to the road in southeastern Pennsylvania after Covid-19 restrictions caused many medical clinics and doctors offices to cease offering routine care or to close altogether in March 2020. At the time, Dr. Suglia was the only on-the-move doctor serving professional drivers at their place of choosing and at a time convenient to them. Because of his practice being mobile, the demand for his services far exceeded his availability, especially during this critical time.


While the USDOT was issuing renewal waivers to ease the backlog of deadlines that could not possibly be met, Dr. Suglia sought the help of fellow DOT Medical Examiners. At the same time, Dr. Suglia realized that he has the means and know-how to help build opportunities for fellow DOT Medical Examiners who wish to have mobile offices elsewhere, no matter where in the US they are. Therefore, on November 18, 2020, Docs On The Move was incorporated and put into operation. On the same day, Docs On The Move LLC signed on its first team member in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It now continues to grow across the US fulfilling the needs of drivers and their companies nationwide.


Docs On The Move LLC was created in order to ease the burden of having to take time out of the professional driver’s busy work and limited home life schedules to spend all day in a clinic or office to get their required DOT physical done. Instead, the doctor takes to the road and brings the service to them, where they are, and when they are available. When the doctor is willing to join the ranks of the road warriors, the professional driver is more likely to be at ease and genuine, and the doctor is more likely to be empathetic. As the doctor and the driver meet in the field rather than behind four walls of an unflinching office setting, each becomes more appreciative of the other’s duties making the interactions more personable. A satisfied driver leads to better productivity, increased reliability, and more regard for personal safety. And for the company they work for, it means greater company loyalty, employee longevity, and, in the long run, profitability.